When your target market thrives off of digital information, we want to make sure that you provide your message and content in a format that reaches them. Foster has a variety of options for distributing your online message.

With Foster Flipbook, you can take your brochure or catalog to the next level by putting it on-line in a page flipping format that reads just like your favorite magazine, only better. Flipbook allows you to zoom in and out and move through each article with ease. Use links to drive customers to additional information and help them contact you more easily or embed a video clip to boost the wow factor.

When you need an easy way for your customers to find your online content, quick response codes can be scanned using a smart phone or tablet. They allow your customers to link directly from your printed piece to related information without typing in a long URL or wading through millions of similar links in a standard search engine.

Once they do scan your quick response code, you want to make sure that your content is easy to navigate on the smaller screen of their mobile device. A well designed mobile website from Foster will maintain your branding and allows your readers to get the information they need without trying to click on tiny text and small links.